Brella Productions

Big Tent, Bigger Vision


Our client needed help staging a unique opening experience for 1,000 attendees in a very large tent to kick off a global conference.


Brella turned to the Events and Video teams to work their magic. Using the tent setting as a jumping-off point, we turned the interior of the tent into a 360-degree viewing space. We set up a main 60-foot-wide screen, and projected images onto all of the tent walls. The idea was to seamlessly blend projected visuals with an onstage performance to create an immersive experience that would leave the audience inspired.

On the day of the event, the experience started with a dark tent which burst to life with a video around our 360-degree viewing space. In the video, a young girl brought imagination “to life” in the form of vibrant motion graphics that swirled around our audience. These visuals, along with voiceover and sound design, set a mood of playful anticipation.

At this moment, the girl from the video appeared live onstage. She proceeded to interact with audience members from our client’s five corporate regions around the world. Using light effects and projected visuals, she helped each region “ignite” the spark of imagination to celebrate their achievements for the year. These lighting effects and visuals revealed the meeting’s theme, logo, and branding. The girl then brought the performance to a close by welcoming onto the stage the leader of the meeting, kicking off the week.

In the end, the 360-degree audience experience we crafted far exceeded our client’s expectations. Most importantly, audience members reported feeling inspired, engaged, and energized for their coming week of activities.


  • Animation
  • Audio
  • Content
  • Event
  • Video

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