Brella Turns 25 This Year—As Old As The World Wide Web


2017_Brella_25thAnn_ -9607

In 1992, the Chicago Bulls won their second NBA championship, everybody was reading Stephen King’s Dolores Claiborne, and a shipping container filled with 28,000 rubber duckies was lost at sea.

And Brella Productions was born.

We’re 25 now, and we couldn’t let a milestone like this pass without a proper celebration. This is the silver anniversary, after all—a quarter of a century in the business of producing meaningful, resonant marketing and learning solutions for our clients is nothing to sneeze at. So on July 20, we opened our doors to celebrate 25 years of production with our clients, inviting them to explore our Evanston headquarters, as well as get to know the creative, talented staff behind the Brella name.

Our clients visited the audio studio, took a peek at the video studio (set up for a green screen shoot), and tested out a new Oculus Rift VR demo we created. We wanted to make something fun and interactive to suit the occasion, so our animators and programmers constructed a VR experience that put our clients on a boat on Lake Michigan. With a virtual bar onboard, a pirate ship on the horizon, and a chance to set off fireworks over the lake, we let everyone’s inner pyromaniac have fun.

Our events department devised and ran the whole show, from high-level concepting all the way down to concocting custom drinks such as It’s Always Sunny in Evanston and Purple Line Fizz. With lots of goodies from Paramount Events, one of the culinary highlights was from our neighbor, sweet-and-savory crepe connoisseurs Gotta B Crepes, who prepared delicious custom crepes on the sunny third-floor deck.

Throughout the event, each of our production departments was represented, acting as tour guides/walking Brella encyclopedias to give guests a taste of the Brella life. Our NEXT’17 partners AV Chicago graciously provided us with equipment to take our party to the next level with uplighting, monitors, and a sound system.

The open house was a wonderful chance to reconnect with clients old and new. Attendee feedback included much love for our space (which is a little bit of a maze, with food at the end), the VR demonstration, and pleasant surprise at our size and breadth of capabilities (we’re always kind of surprised by it, too). It was an evening of fun, discovery, and a chance for our staff and clients to interact in a relaxed setting.

At 25, we’re in the prime of our lives. We plan on showing it by continually learning, creating, and producing interactive and innovative solutions for our clients. We didn’t party like it was 1992; we partied like it was 2017 and the future is now.