Got a (Green) Minute?


For the last five years Brella and Jim Parks have worked together to produce the Today’s Green Minute (TGM) web series. TGM highlights new innovations in green technology and environmental science in a fun, campy way, with a monthly audience of 300,000 viewers.

It’s a perfect fit for Brella, and one of our favorite pro bono projects at the Evanston headquarters. TGM lets us hone our cinematographers’ and animators’ skills on a project that raises awareness on issues we care about deeply. We have free rein to try cool new things in After Effects and make nerdy visual references to our hearts’ content.

Jim researches, scripts, and sketches out each storyboard. Then, a few times a year, we shoot enough footage in our green screen studio for several episodes. We key the green screen footage and add animations in After Effects, using our footage, stock photography, 3-D models and, of course, Jim himself. Each finished video tops out around a minute long. Total production time, from shoot to publication? Twenty to forty hours, depending on the content and graphics needs of the video itself.

The final product is entertaining, lively, and green. Tom Combs of Healthcare TV, one of TGM’s broadcasters, writes that “The production on Today’s Green Minute is amazing.”

And who’s Jim Parks, you ask? You might recognize him from HGTV’s New Spaces.