Lights Out for Brella During Earth Hour 2015.


The world’s an important place to Brella—and in particular Evanston. Many of us live in or near Evanston, our main office is here, and most importantly our office dog’s favorite walking paths and dog parks are here. So when Evanston was named the World Wildlife Foundation’s 2015 Earth Hour Capitol, we couldn’t have been more proud of our hometown.

Evanston’s climate initiative and sustainability plans call for reducing things like car ownership, electricity and natural gas consumption, and paper usage. These plans also encourage increased recycling, ride-sharing, and conservation of the resources we use.

Over the years, Brella’s green guiding principles have led us to do many of the things that won Evanston the Capitolship. Why? Because they’re great ideas.

We installed solar panels on the roof, with more coming this summer. Then we installed charging stations in our parking lot for our electric vehicles—now half of the cars in our fleet are charged with solar power. We headquartered within easy walking distance of public transport and bike trails. We’ve educated our people on what and how to recycle. We even bring green production options to our clients, most recently with a beacon app that replaced hundreds of pounds of print material at a large event.

On March 28th, 2015, we were proud on to have joined the City of Evanston, local businesses and residents, and Chicago institutions like Navy Pier and the Willis Tower in turning out the lights during Earth Hour.