Team Building at Events: A Guide


A group activity can be just the thing to energize a corporate event, but it’s wise to ask a simple question: “What do I want this team building exercise to do?”

Brella’s event department manager, Cary Williams, broke the possible strategies into three broad categories: “A team building event can (1) build a sense of community, (2) help people trust and work better together, or (3) just be fun.” Hold on a minute, “fun?” Is that entirely kosher in the corporate event world? “Yes,” Cary responded. “Fun is underrated, and team building is a great way to de-stress and energize your people during a long conference.”

“Team building is for everyone in your organization, but it’s most important for introverts who may not always feel like they belong on the team,” says executive events producer Mark Mallchok. “It is always easy to get your extroverts (sales reps/sales people) up on stage for a lip-sync battle, dance off, or to be the lead singer in a parody video, but it is important to get everyone else to join them. This is where it’s great to have activities that cater to both sets. A drumming or clapping activity as part of the event lets the extroverts volunteer to go up on stage; your shy folks can still participate in the audience and enjoy the fun with the rest of the team. Even in a parody video, your introverts can get dressed up in fun costumes and be part of the band in the background, while your lead singers bellow out lyrics up front.  The shy ones will surprise you with their skills once everyone is doing the activity and they feel safe and part of the group.”

With that in mind, here’s a handy guide to thinking about team building activities for your next event:


Have questions about how any of these can work in your specific situation? Want to see samples from some of our past client events?  Email us and we will be happy to share! Fun guaranteed.