Brella Grows a Beard


Brella has been declared agency of record (AOR) for the new consumer product, Beard Guyz. This new, premium, organic beard-care line of products is the brainchild of Brella’s long-term partner, Universal Beauty.Beard Guyz image 1Brella will be creating and managing a large, integrated marketing campaign as Beard Guyz hits retail shelves, including social media, digital advertising, engagement marketing, events, and PR.

Brella has been lead and partner in countless campaigns over our 23 years, but this is the first time a client has designated us as “agency of record”—a slightly old-fashioned term, meaning “agency that directs all of the work for a brand.” In fact, Brella’s role will be closer to what Forbes calls AOR (plus):

The shift we see is clients moving to a Lead Agency model where the brand/creative agencies continue to be positioned as business partner and brand steward, leading and collaborating with other specialist agencies outside of your company.

So you can call it AOR, or call it Lead Agency, or just call it a nice win for Brella and Beard Guyz!