Rotary’s X-Ray Vision


Brella Productions has given Rotary a much needed assist in their campaign to bring x-ray technology to underserved areas of rural Guatemala.


Rotary HealthRays, a bold initiative spearheaded by District 6440, will purchase and install 29 digital x-ray units in remote clinics serving Guatemala’s rural poor. Local residents will be trained as technicians to operate the machines, sending out results via the internet for evaluation by radiologists at regional Guatemalan hospitals.

Brella has rebuilt the HealthRays website from the ground up, reorganizing the content and polishing the look. Visitors will now get a more intimate look at the people benefitting from this initiative, which should spark interest and attract donors.

Early results look promising for the project. With three machines already deployed, Rotary estimates that over one and a half millions Guatemalans will directly benefit from this program. If all goes according to plan, this campaign will go worldwide, serving many of the nearly four billion people around the globe without access to x-ray technology.

Success won’t come cheap, however. Rotary needs to raise nearly $2.5 million to see this venture through to completion. Brella and District 6440 hope that the re-tooled site will attract corporate partners that will ease the financial burden.

Check out the new online face of HealthRays and spread the word. With enough help, Rotary International can shower the world with rays of health.