Universal Biosciences—Strategy for a New Product Line


Universal Biosciences (UB) conducted a six-agency search, eventually choosing Brella. The mission? To strategize and lead the product launch for UB’s new Via Nature facial care line, beginning with Natural Products Expo West. (The Expo is the trade-show for natural and organic products.)

In this industry, companies are often short-lived, so Via Nature needed just the right positioning to express the staying-power that sets them apart. Brella created a slogan that boiled Via Nature’s needs and messaging down into two words: For Good.

Brella created stunning visuals and ran the PR Campaign. We helped UB develop a strategy for the show itself, including the design of a series of eblasts and an interactive floor display. Then we chased the press, and ultimately booked two days of interviews with national outlets, bloggers, and radio stations.

And since life wouldn’t be fun without challenges, we had less than a month from our first meeting with the client to the show opening.

Of course, it helps when the client has an outstanding product.

Via Nature’s Sensitive & Dry Skin Care Collection and Specialty Skin Care Oils are formulated to the Whole Foods Premium Body Care standard and the Natural Product Association’s ingredient guidelines. As Via Nature’s Senior Marketing Manager Nancy Byrne explains it, “Everyday exposure to sun, water, and wind can strip away the precious oils from our skin and hair. The natural elements of Via Nature Specialty Oils can reduce that damage, by nourishing and hydrating your skin and hair.”

The Via Nature trade show campaign gave us a chance to show off the speed and agility we can offer clients working on a tight timeline. A good showing can make the difference between national distribution in brick-and-mortar chains and the last relevant page on Amazon. Given the warm reception they received at the Expo, you can bet that Universal Biosciences will be back for more.