Snapchat’s Spectacles: A New POV on the Patient Journey?



Snapchat’s Spectacles are here. For those who are unfamiliar, Spectacles are sunglasses that allow the wearer to take 10-second videos from their POV. The wearer can then upload these videos to Snapchat.

After their release, a few consumer brands have dipped their toes into the experimental waters to see if Spectacles are a new way to connect with customers. Should healthcare companies also consider how to leverage this social sharing device? On December 9, Dr. Shafi Ahmed used Spectacles to record and share a surgery, so we say absolutely.

Here’s a quick scenario: Imagine a healthcare company partnering with a patient advocacy group by providing them with 50 pairs of Spectacles to give to their members. Those members wear the Spectacles to document moments in their daily lives and share socially. Think about the insights those 10-second POV clips could yield. The triumphs. The disappointments. The everyday realities of living with a condition. These are important micro-moments healthcare companies need in order to better understand patient journeys. Of course, a ton of due diligence would be needed with Legal and Regulatory before attempting something like this, but that’s a different conversation.

Are Spectacles just the flavor-of- the-moment gadget (Google Glass, anyone)? Time will tell. Do healthcare companies need to try creative ways to further the dialogue with patients, their caregivers, and HCPs? Most definitely. Something to think about as we all start planning our 2017 marketing initiatives.