Brella Productions

Cobra–JoyRide Learning


Cobra returned to Brella with a new challenge, after we made the video highlighting their Road Warrior radar device. Their new product, called JoyRide, used a smart charger and an app to make driving on the phone safer and faster. They wanted another video showcase to introduce JoyRide to the public.

The Solution

Brella created a four-minute video tour that walked users through the hardware and software, using green screen and animation. The final video was visually engaging and easy to understand–it gave the end user the big-picture view of product, and what it could bring to them in safety and convenience. Cobra linked the video to the front page of the Cobra JoyRide product site.

In other words, when the client wanted to explain their cool new product in a hurry, what did they point to? The video we made for them.


  • Animation
  • Design
  • Video

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