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ECOS–Earth Friendly Web Game


ECOS, the maker of Earth Friendly Products, turned to Brella to create a web-based game that would excite and engage their audience as part of a cross-promotional strategy for the theatrical release of the ecology-themed film, Epic.


Brella designed and developed a micro-site featuring a card matching game which used images and characters from Epic interacting with ECOS brand products. We leveraged the power of ECOS' community and fans by including Facebook login access, to allow players a quick and easy registration into the sweepstakes, while promoting the ECOS/Epic game to their friends and family. The micro-site launched to great success. ECOS received the increased website visitors and social media attention they desired, while sweepstakes winners were rewarded with ECOS products, and tickets to a showing of the movie, Epic. Another happy client and a great win for the Brella team!


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