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IEEE–A Personal Touch for a World-Class Awards Show


Every year, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) holds a global awards ceremony to recognize the scientists, academics, and engineers who have changed the world. Looking to reinvent their awards show, IEEE enlisted Brella’s help with producing the event and giving it a more personal touch.


Before diving into the details of producing the event, the Brella team took an important first step–research. The honorees’ accomplishments were complex, technologically diverse, and incredibly important to our modern world. How could we impress upon the audience the sheer magnitude of the award-winners' contributions? And how would we frame their accomplishments in a simple, warm, and humanizing way?

Based upon our research, Brella’s design, content, and video teams collaborated on developing an audio-visual style that made the awards ceremony look and feel more personal. Custom media introductions were crafted using scripted voiceover, combined with personal imagery from the honorees. We also mixed in testimonials from experts in the honorees’ fields of expertise, which had the effect of both humanizing and contextualizing their accomplishments. Luminaries in academia and industry were interviewed via phone directly from our studio, without ever having to leave their offices. Our studio technology and audio engineering allowed their messages to come through perfectly. In the end, Brella was able to give the honorees the warm, personal treatment they deserve. Their work benefits all of humankind, and we helped the audience feel both the gravity and humanity of their accomplishments.


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