Brella Productions

QuickChek–Corporate Culture


QuickChek’s company culture video is the cornerstone of everything they do. Our video needed to clearly lay out the company’s expectations for behavior: Every team member must uphold quality and service, preserving the brand's values.


Brella’s video focused on what differentiates QuickChek from competitors: customer service. We explored what it takes for a team member to make a customer's day. We shot interview-style, in the stores, with actual employees, showing how team members interacted and worked together.

In addition to showcasing and celebrating star performers in the stores, the sheer diversity of locations made the message clear: "No matter where you work, this is how we do it!"

The client loved the message so much, we expanded production to create a video that introduced the company to planning and zoning boards in new markets. This was an excellent way for municipalities to get a glimpse of the high-quality firm coming to town.


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