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Youth Job Center–Touchdown for Youth Employment


The Youth Job Center (YJC), a leading provider of employment-related services for disadvantaged and at-risk youth in Evanston and Chicago, needed Brella’s help producing a fund-raising gala at Soldier Field. Two challenges: time and budget. From shooting the featured video to opening night, Brella would only have two weeks. Because Brella believes strongly in giving back to the community (and because we’re no stranger to tight deadlines) we accepted.


Creativity and planning were Brella’s keys to making the gala a success. We started by coordinating and organizing production with YJC, Soldier Field, and our partner Production Resource Group (PRG). Brella supplied the video personnel and photographers, coordinating with PRG for audio, lights, and live video Image Magnification (IMAG). We designed the PowerPoints for speakers, and crafted emotional recap videos.

By the time the doors closed on the gala, Brella had delivered an amazing event, on time and on budget. What could be better than that? Besides knowing that we’d helped YJC raise almost a quarter of a million dollars!

Ann Vrdolyah, the Event Manager for Soldier Field, summed up Brella’s efforts when she wrote to us, “Your entire group put on such a wonderful show for a great cause, and I hope to work with you again in the future.”


  • Animation
  • Audio
  • Design
  • Event
  • Video

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