Brella Productions

Who We Are

High-level vision, hands-on production

We are a lean, green digital strategy and production company. We combine hands-on knowledge with street smarts, making for a nimble, effective team. With a diverse staff of artists and experts, and a business-wide devotion to green and renewable practices, Brella brings a thoughtful, playful spin to telling our clients’ stories.

The Brella Principles

1. We cherish our co-workers, and tell them when they’re being cool, neat, or clever. Positive feedback leads to a virtuous circle, and we like that a lot.

2. We embrace our clients–their values, culture, voice, needs, and (most importantly) mission.

3. Playfulness and humor are not mandatory, but preferred.

4. Trying new things means not everything will go smoothly, so we expect the unexpected, and we’re not afraid of a mistake–we own it, we fix it, we learn, and we move on.

5. A day where we don’t learn something new is a wasted day.

Green to the Core

When Brella was founded in 1992, being green meant turning off lights we weren’t using and taking our boxes and batteries away to recycling points. Today it means large-scale reuse and recycling, generating our own solar power, and picking a historical HQ building in easy reach of public transit.

Video Production Powerhouse

Brella originated as a video production firm, and it shows—our video facilities are world-class.